How Propertiva Works

Propertiva will serve as a platform to match investors in Real Estate Market with homeowners who are interested in accessing equity in their homes by allowing them to. Homeowners have the option to repay the loan through monthly interest payment + principal at the end of a specified timeframe or through the appreciation of their home's fair market value.

For millions of Americans hoping to buy or refinance a home, it’s a cru cial make-or-break question: Will the lender say yes to our mortgage application, turn it down or charge us a higher interest rate than we need?

Surprisingly, large numbers of loan applications don’t make it. About 1 of every 9 loan applications (10.8 percent) to purchase a home — and more than 1 in 4 applications (26.4 percent) for a refinancing — were denied in 2018, according to a new analysis of lender data nationwide conducted by the federal Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

The Federal Housing Administration permits cash-out refinances up to 85 percent of the home value (80 percent loan-to-value ratio). That is, if the mark-to-market value of a home is $200,000, a borrower could draw out $170,000 in equity. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac permit cash-out refinances up to 80 percent.

The housing market is a huge, important part of our economy. Yet home finance operates in the same way it has for decades — through opaque systems and expensive intermediaries whose interests are misaligned with consumers’.

To make the process better, we’ve streamlined the equity access pro cess to eliminate unnecessary steps, and time-wasting appointments. Our efficiency not only makes it easier but more flexible for homeown ers to match with the right investors (Equity buyout or debt financing [mortgage]). We are focused on changing the way Americans buy and own a home in this country. Step-by-step we’re taking apart the old infrastructure and replacing it with thoughtful technology and a better experience.

Meet The Team

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Product Management
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About Us

At Propertiva, it’s part of our mission to help improve the options we give homeowners for raising finance, avenues for investors to invest in single family homes and to showcase how real estate trading is growing in very real world terms.

The Propertiva marketplace delivers new levels of transparency and efficiency to create a better way to transact. Investors access vetted homes with attractive investment profile. While, homeowners raise funds with investors excited to share in their property gains.

The most revolutionary aspect of the Propertiva marketplace is enabling investors to treat their real estate investments more like stock portfolios, focusing on asset allocation, rather than dealing with the hassles of property management. For investors, although it’s widely accepted that a strong real estate investment has the potential to generate considerable wealth, until recently relatively few investors had the chance to acquire first-hand experience with the asset class. And despite its many advantages, real estate can be a complex investment. With Propertiva, you can now invest passively in properties.