How Does Propertiva Work for You?

1. Submit

Submit property financial

information and supporting


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2. Select Funding

Choose between getting a loan

or an equity buyout

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3. Discover Your Value

Find out how much your

property qualifies for

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4. Verification and Appraisal

Propertiva’s verification check

& property appraisal

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5. Accept Offer & Raise funds

Choose your offer & cash out

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1. Search for Properties

Go through the curated list of

properties available on the

platform for investment

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2. Know the financials of the property

See the current valuation of the property, the equity to

debt ratio ownership in the property and how much

equity is available to be bought

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3. Know the financials of Homeowner

Understand the financial buoyancy of the homeowner

and the debt to equity ratio of the homeowner.

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4. Understand the return

Understand how much return you can get from the

property based on historical trends and current offer

on the table

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5. Invest

Invest and see your investment grow

over time in different locations

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How Can Propertiva Help Homeowners?

Quick Equity Access

Our platform will enable you to see if

you qualify for equity buyout or

loans in a few steps


Unlike traditional loans, you get to

choose the financing option that works

for you. You have the options of debt

financing, equity buyout or both

Rebuild the way people invest in real estate

by minimizing liabilities and maximizing equity

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